• It is one of the best domain names for real estate.

  • The current blockchain technology will have a significant impact on the real estate industry, and this may be one of the rarest domain name opportunities ever to have this appeal. We expect that it will be sold soon, and it will bring tactical possibilities in the blockchain + real estate market. The domain name is being considered for sale at a price of at least 100,000 US dollars, and there are already several interested customer service under active consideration. A

  • According to industry market analysts, given the huge input traffic from, the name may be seriously underestimated. From an online SEO perspective, it is almost unparalleled for density, frequency and relativity factors, reflecting one of the highest values ​​of real estate domain names to date.

  • Real estate is the lifeblood industry of national economy and people's livelihood in any country. The industrial chain of real estate is very long, which directly involves real estate development, decoration, property management, real estate brokerage and trading, house leasing, real estate evaluation, real estate surveying and mapping, and downstream construction and building materials markets. Formed a unique huge real estate industry biological chain. This is an unprecedented opportunity to own and one of the rarest domain names that may appear.

  • If you are interested in purchasing this domain name, please send an email to or call +85265538925 at your convenience

  • 是房地产最好的域名之一。

  • 在目前的区块链技术将对房地产行业产生重大影响,这可能是有史以来最难得的拥有这种吸引力的域名机会之一。我们预计,它就会很快售出,并且它在区块链+房地产市场中会带来战术上的可能性。正在考虑以至少十万美元的价格出售该域名,目前已经有多个意向客服在积极考虑中。 

  • 在行业市场分析师看来,鉴于House.io的巨大输入流量,因此该名称可能被严重低估了。从在线SEO角度来看,对于密度,频率和相对性因素,它几乎是无与伦比的,反映了迄今为止房地产域名的最高价值之一。

  • 房地产在任何国家都是国计民生的命脉行业。房地产的产业链很长,直接涉及到的包括房地产开发、装饰装修、物业管理、房地产经纪与交易、房屋租赁、房地产评估、 房地产测绘以及下游环节的建筑和建材市场等等。形成了一条独特的庞大的房地产业生物链。这是拥有House.io前所未有的机会,拥有可能出现的最稀有域名之一。

  • 如果您有兴趣购买此域名,请报价发送电子邮件至:info@house.io或在您方便的时候致电+85265538925

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